We are very proud of what we achieve at Youth for Peace-International but this is all the more rewarding when people make that extra bit of effort and take the time to write and tell us that we are getting it right.

"Youth for Peace-International  has a vision for a better world. I wish you all the best.Allah be with you!"

"I wanted to say that we really appreciate the effort of Zakaria El hamel President &Founder,Youth for Peace-International here in Oujda and all the good work that he does on behalf of YFP in the community in the area of Peace and Interfaith dialogue.."

" Cher Zakaria,

Mes félicitations les plus amicales pour votre nomination au rang des « Ambassadeurs de la Paix ». C’est une distinction qui vous honore et qui donne sa véritable dimension à votre mobilisation et à la permanence de votre engagement à la présidence de l’Association « Youth for Peace ». Bravo et tous mes vœux pour encore plus de succès en 2015. Bien à vous.

André Azoulay "

"As the Initiative continues its efforts to strengthen our nation and improve our world, we are grateful for the work of organizations like your own.
We wish you the best in your worthy endeavors."

"I applaud your your commitment to religious freedom and interfaith dialogueyour strong stand against intolerance and extremism .
Youth for Peace is an admirable organization!"

"it sounds as though you have started something interesting and much needed!"

"It sounds like you’re doing very exciting work in Oujda"

"Congratulations on your appointment as an Ambassador for Peace. We are very proud to be connected with you and your organization:Youth for Peace and Dialogue

Oujda is blessed to have you...

Zak, I am sure that if Gandhi and Dr. King were alive today that they would be very proud to know you and call you "friend" just as we do here in Atlanta. Thank you for honoring their great peace legacies and serving others as they have served us."

"Your organization sounds like it is doing very noble work and I pray that God will bless your efforts."


Rebecca Cataldi
Conflict resolution specialist and trainer and serves as Program Manager at the International Center for Religion & Diplomacy (ICRD),

"I congratulate you on what you have achieved and wish you well."

"Sounds great that there is an interestin morrocon youth for peace, tolerance and dialogue."

"Your work sounds very good and its great to know the work you are doing."

"congratulation for your great work ,today more than ever peoples and organisations working for dialogue and peace need to get together .

i wish you success and hope to find ways to cooperate."

"congratulations on your work through Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures! It sounds like you are doing fantastic programs for children, even at this early stage in your organization."

"Congratulations on fulfilling your dream. I'm inspired to hear about your organization and it's activities. Your next program "Religious Tolerance Caravan" sounds great."