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Zakaria El hamel Named Among 100 Most Positively Inspiring African Youths for 2017 


Winner of Pan-African Humanitarian Award Zakaria El hamel has been named among the 100 Most Positively Inspiring African Youths in 2017 (100 MPIAY)  For his efforts at promoting peace and human rights.. According to the organizers, Zakaria was nominated for the work which he has done to “ennoble his community and make the world a better place“.

The 100 MPIAY is a n annual recognition scheme run primarily by Positive Youth’s Africa to salute the efforts of youths of African descent who have inspired many to be positive, purpose-driven and had strived for the ennoblement of humanity. The nominations were done online from the November 10 to December 15, 2017.





In their note of recognition, the organizers said this about El hamel : “Zakaria Elhamel, a moroccan human rights activist and humanitarian has been making international waves since he won the Pan African humanitarian  award at the Pan African Humanitarian summit in Tanzania.This award was a token of appreciation for his rigorous fight against social injustices and his life transforming charitable deeds.

El Hamel is equally renowned for his vigorous peace activism. He is the President and founder of the International Association of Youths for Peace and Dialogue Between Cultures, a non profit organization which aims to build a world where youths of different origin and religions can respectfully work together and blend ideas for the development of a better humanity.

His works have earned him several prizes in the domains of human rights and peace and he has been a consultant and keynote speaker for several peace initiatives run by the United Nations Organization.

Although he hails from a country plagued by social injustices and where initiatives like his are obviously not funded by government,he succeeds to scale through the several challenges he faces to realize his vision.He struggles to raise funds to support his outreaches (media,educational,public) and for his charitable deeds.He has inspired many in the field of social entrepreneurship to pursue their goals even if their projects are under funded by government. “.


The selection was done by a committee constituting officials from Positive Youth’s Africa (PYA), Junior Chambers International (JCI), AFROPOLITANIS and the International Network for The Promotion of Oratory Art in Africa, the Caribbean and Pacific, better known by its French acronym as RIPAO, last week. The nominees’ list includes popular musician, Cobhams Asuquo, Uganda journalist, Bikeke Saimon, Nigerian Travel blogger,Chiamaka Obuekwe and Ugandan Entrepreneur, Christopher Ategeka.

Positive Youth’s Africa hereby names him one of 100 Most Positively Inspiring African Youths,2017.


Zakaria Hamel, from the kingdom of Morocco, has been awarded the 2014 Arab Youth Excellence Award in the field of human rights

Zakaria Hamel was selected besides other distinguished young men and women in the Arab World. 200 young participants competed from different Arab countries on this award.
the reward is dedicated to the distinguished and creative youth in different fields, namely the voluntary and developmental work, entrepreneurship, human development, and scientific research, as well as Journalism and media. besides membership in the Youth Council.
The Arab Youth Council Award for integrated development founded by the League of Arab States is dedicated to the distinguished Arab youth.
the announcement of the award cited:
"It is with honor and pride that the Arab Youth Council for Integrated Development congratulates the distinguished Arab winners who have worked hard, did their best, and faced challenges to produce such a distinguished accomplishment through which they have served their countries and the Arab Nation. they did not want to be praised, that is why it is our duty as Arab Youth Council for Integrated Development to recognize their works, for they deserve to be honored and recognized as a national and unique model to be followed by all the Arab young men and women. We went through evaluating the candidates many times to have the winners with the high accomplishments, but this does not neglect other candidates who are among the elites of the Arab youth, the Council decided to select some of these candidates to have an honorary membership in the council and its advisory board".
The Council is honored to express its congratulations to all the winners in the Arab World.
It is to mention that Zakaria Hamel is president and founder of Youth for Peace Organization, he is an activist in more than 50 countries. Zakaria Hamel received many Arabic and international awards, namely the Human rights award at the UN palace in Geneva, and the medal for Peace and human rights ambassador.



جامعة الدول العربية تمنح جائزة الشباب العربي المتميز للناشط المغربي الشاب زكرياء الهامل الادريسي

الخميس 7 أغسطس 2014

منح الشاب زكرياء الهامل من المملكة المغربية جائزة الشباب العربي المتميز في مجال حقوق الانسان .جاء ذلك خلال اختياره من ضمن الشباب العربي المتميز في الوطن العربي وقد تنافس 200 شاب وشابة من مختلف الدول العربية على هذه الجائزة ، ويتم منح الجائزة للشباب المتميز والمبدع في مجالات متعددة منها العمل الطوعي والتنموي وريادة الأعمال والتنمية البشرية والبحث العلمي وأيضاً في مجالات الصحافة والإعلام والجائزة عبارة عن مبلغ مالي بالإضافة إلى العضوية في المجلس الشبابي . وهيَ جائزة مجلس الشباب العربي للتنمية المتكاملة – جامعة الدول العربية، والتي تمنح للشباب العربي المتميز وجاء في بيان الإعلان عن الجائزة:
بكل الفخر والاعزاز يهنئ مجلس الشباب العربي للتمنية المتكاملة الشباب العربي الفائز بجائزة مجلس الشباب العربي للتنمية المتكاملة للشباب العربي المتميز ، الذي عمل واجتهد ووقف أمام التحديات ليخرج بعمل متميز وانجاز جاد علي ارض الواقع قدم من خلاله خدمة وطنية لوطنة وللأمة العربية غير منتظر كلمة شكر أو تقدير من أحد . فكان لزاماً علينا نحن مجلس الشباب العربي للتمنية المتكاملة أن نقدم له جزء ولو بسيط من تقديرة المعنوي نحو ما قام به من عمل يستحق التكريم والابراز كنموذج وطني ومشرف يستحق ان يحذو حذوة كل شباب الامة العربية الامر الذي جعلنا نعيد التقيم لمرشحيها أكثر من مرة وخرجنا من خلالها بفوز المرشحين الأكثر انجازاً وهذا لايعني اهمالنا لباقي المرشحين الذين يعدون نخب متميزة من الشباب العربي لكن المجلس قد قرر ان يتم اختيار مجموعة منهم ومنحه العضوية الفخرية للمجلس وهيئته الاستشارية ..هذا ويتشرف المجلس بتقديم أسمي التهاني لكل الفائززين من الوطن العربي الجدير ذكره، أن الشاب زكرياء الهامل رئيس ومؤسس مظمة شباب من أجل السلام؛ناشط في أكثر من 50 دولة حصل على عدة جوائز عربية ودولية من ضمنهاجائزة حقوق الانسان بقصر الأمم المتحدة بجنيف ووشاح سفير السلام و حقوق الانسان




Zakaria el hamel Appointed Ambassador for Peace

25.01.2010 - Morocco Pía Figueroa

YAP CertificateUPF and IIFWP chose as Ambassador for Peace those individuals whose lives exemplify the ideal of living for the sake of others, and who dedicate themselves to universal moral values, strong family life, inter religious cooperation, international harmony, renewal of the United Nations, a responsible public media, and the establishment of a culture of peace.

Zakaria El Hamel is chairman and founder of Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures, a non-profit organization which mission is to build a world where young people from different religions and backgrounds can come together to create understanding and respect by serving their communities. As part of this effort, Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures has organized a peace forum (sports competitions for kids, art exhibitions, poems for Peace, a peace pole project, candles peace sign and finally a concert for Peace where young musicians play music for change). Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures was the first youth organization that endorsed the World March for Peace and Non Violence.

Zakaria El Hamel, ambassador for Peace and chairman of Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures welcomed the base team to his country, where diverse faiths and cultures live in peace for thousand of years.


Zakaria El hamel nommé au Cercle universel des ambassadeurs de la paix.

Monsieur Zakaria El hamel a reçu le titre « d’Ambassadeur de la paix » en Décembre 2014. C’est le Conseil mondial du « Cercle universel des ambassadeurs de la paix », une organisation internationale dont le siège social est situé à Genève, qui lui a remis cette distinction. Cette organisation a pour objectif de reconnaître les actions des femmes et des hommes de tous pays qui oeuvrent pour la paix, sur le plan mondial, national et individuel. Le « Cercle des ambassadeurs de la paix » fait, entre autres, la promotion des œuvres, discours, livres, films et conférences produits par ces artisans de la paix. Le Cercle a également créé un comité d’honneur mondial, formé par des ambassadeurs de la paix, composé de personnalités œuvrant et participant, par leurs actions, à l’harmonie entre les peuples.

Soulignons que Monsieur Zakaria El Hamel est le président et fondateur de Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures, une organisation sans but lucratif dont l’objectif est de construire un monde où les jeunes de différentes origines et religions puissent se réunir pour s’entendre et se respecter en aidant leurs communautés. Dans le cadre de cette mission, Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures a organisé La Semaine mondiale de l’harmonie interconfessionnelle cherche a promouvoir la base commune de « l’amour de Dieu et du prochain ou l’amour du Bien et l’amour du voisin » entre les religions comme un moyen de sauvegarder la paix mondiale.

Affirmant l’impérieuse nécessité d’instaurer un dialogue entre les différentes croyances et religions pour améliorer l’entente mutuelle, l’harmonie et la coopération entre les êtres humains.

Constatant que les préceptes moraux de toutes les religions, convictions et croyances prônent la paix, la tolérance et la compréhension mutuelle,

1. Réaffirme que la compréhension mutuelle et le dialogue entre les religions constituent des volets importants de la culture de paix ;

2. Proclame la première semaine de février de chaque année Semaine mondiale de l’harmonie interconfessionnelle entre toutes les religions, croyances et confessions ;

3. Engage tous les États qui souhaitent le faire à appuyer la diffusion dans les églises, mosquées, synagogues, temples et autres lieux de culte de la planète, cette semaine-là, du message d’harmonie interconfessionnelle et de bonne volonté fondé sur l’amour de Dieu et du prochain, ou sur l’amour du bien et du prochain, chacun selon les traditions ou convictions religieuses qui lui sont propres
Cette nomination est une reconnaissance du travail sérieux effectué par le jeune Marocain zakaria el hamel, qui est membre de La Fondation euro-méditerranéenne pour le dialogue entre les cultures ;Membre de La Coalition pour la Cour pénale internationale.Le jeune marocain a déjà reçu plusieurs prix dans le domaine des droit de homme et paix Mondiale.










Pan-African Humanitarian Awards: Moroccan Zakaria El hamel Wins Young Achievers Prize On Peace Advocacy

Pan-African Humanitarian Awards Advisory Board has named Moroccan Zakaria El hamel as the winner of the 2017 Pan-African Humanitarian Award for Global Impact and Community Development.

He was identified in consultation with World Leaders Forum in Dubai and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Zakaria El hamel is the President & Founder, Youth for Peace-Morocco Executive Director Youth for Human Rights, also a member of Anna Lindh Foundation, as well as a member of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court.

El hamel is to receive the award at the Summit billed for Friday, 17 November – Sunday, 19 November, 2017, in Tanzania. The award ceremony is to draw participation from 26 African countries, 14 humanitarian organisations from around the world, and 12 media outlets.

The ceremony will be live streamed to more than 30million viewers across the globe.

This award category is for the bravest and most daring, as well as the most strategically sound and forward-looking young advocate in Africa with measurable achievement in humanitarian practices, peace advocacy and socio-economic development within Africa.

The conferment is based on El hamel’s exceptional contribution and persistent efforts to develop and promote the attainment of peace, integrity, democracy and good governance on the African continent.

This noble pace has set his institution apart as a role model for others to follow.

Zakaria El hamel will be awarded under the category tagged, “Pan-African Humanitarian Award: Young Achievers Award on Peace Advocacy.”

Mr El hamel is the founder of Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures, headquartered in Morocco. He is also Ambassador and President of Youth for Human Rights International Chapter in Morocco a nonprofit organization founded in 2001 by Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, an educator born and raised in apartheid South Africa, where she witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of discrimination and the lack of basic human rights.

The purpose of YHRI is to teach youths about human rights, specifically the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and inspire them to become advocates for tolerance and peace. YHRI has now grown into a global movement, including hundreds of groups, clubs and chapters around the world.

The Pan-African Humanitarian Summit/Awards is an annual event conceived to identify and give proper recognition through the conferment of awards of excellence and distinction to individuals and organisations who have distinguished themselves as brilliant exemplars of society or who have contributed towards the attainment of peace and respect for human life and dignity

The Summit/Award will draw Participation of 200 highly recognized leaders in various sectors of industry, government, business and humanity from 37 African countries to identify the barriers to peace in Africa and provide a holistic and multi-dimensional approach to sustainable peace and development in Africa.