We are very proud of what we achieve at Youth for Peace-International but this is all the more rewarding when people make that extra bit of effort and take the time to write and tell us that we are getting it right.

"I have been following your work, and I'm very impressed! That you broke through with your message! Know I see a Morocco that is building bridges with its youth"

"Dear Zakaria, Congratulations for your great initiative and for the constant efforts you made until today to stand in front of all the waves of hate and persist in the will to keep holding hands between all cultures and religions in your country. This is a great model for the young generation of the Arab World."

" I am a supporter of Interfaith Dialogue and Youth for Peace. Knowing firsthand what it’s like to live amongst a war that is still taking place in Palestine, Israel and the impact it made on me being raised in a country where education was robbed from us do to the destructive actions of society, and 30 years later is still ongoing. I believe Youth For Peace, is making sure that our children are given the opportunity by being an advocate for children around the Globe for equal opportunity to be educated so they may use their voices for change.
Thinkingback on how many dangerous challenges we were faced with to try to get an education, is mind boggling to me now.  We would have to climb over debris, burnt tires and dodge bullets. Those were on the days that we attended school for the other half of the time our schools were closed because of how dangerous it was to leave our homes. These images of seeing how much we suffered and are still suffering became etched in my brain and will never leave me. This made me use my voice as a Spokeswoman to help educate others on the importance of the equal opportunity to educate our children around the Globe. To bring awareness through consciousness and to do everything possible to teach our youth by being role models of Hope. Thanks to A courageous, humble and loving role model, Mr. Zakaria El Hamel, for taking the first steps and leading the Youth for Peace, they are setting the standards and are leading by example, by speaking up and becoming the leaders that we as one in the world desperately need.  We can learn a lot from them and we also can show them our support and encourage them by changing our old ways and uniting as one.
Through Youth for Peace and Interfaith Dialogue between Cultures, there is Hope.
As a single mother of two daughters, I know that I must do everything that it takes to use my voice to make a change for our youth, our children of the world, and for Mother Earth, or the human race will no longer exist.
As a spokeswoman It is an honor for me to serve and contribute in any way possible, Youth For Peace and interfaith Dialogue. We as spokeswoman and spokesmen in our communities and in our world where we as leaders can use our gifts as artist, musicians, humanitarians, Authors, and people in the public eye to use our voices to speak up for the ones that are not able to and to recognize the leader of leaders that are making a huge impact in Our World, we are in desperate need of leaders like, Zakaria El Hamel, and the YFP.  I thank you Mr.Zakaria, the Youth, your Country Morocco and honor you for your leadership, work and organization.  I’AM humbled by this generation the YOUTH and commend all of you for being pure positive role models and for all your accomplishments.
As the President/ Founder at Youth for Peace- Morocco Mr. Zakaria will be the first to bring this program to the Arab World and is making a pure positive dynamic shift in history lead by the YOUTH.
Youth For Peace and Dialogue between Cultures, is a non-profit organization which mission is to build a world where young people from different religions and backgrounds can come together to create understanding and respect by serving their communities.
By promoting the culture of peace and Human rights they work to inspire youth around the Globe to become valuable advocates for tolerance and peace.
I ‘am humbled by your actions and leadership. You are a team leader of leaders, a walking healer and Gods sent angel that is leading the youth by being a miraculous role model.  As A Youth for Peace and interfaith dialog supporter, I see and feel the positive impact of your leadership. Knowing that we have teachers, like you in this universe gives me Hope, now and for the generations to come.  By teaching the youth to lead Now and planting seeds that are branching out around the Globe with their pure consciousness is the most powerful tool gifted to all humanity.  The energy that is being transmuted by
taking these actions for making a change NOW the youth and your leadership are Reclaimingtheir power and rediscovering the truth of oneness. With the YFP as
leaderships, speakers, visionaries and with their pure intentions, I believe with all my being that there is hope for oneness.  You are already raising the vibration by taking action as a team leader of leaders and using your pure positive energy, that is a blessing of itself.
As a spokeswoman, humanitarian and a child of oneness.  I urge all of humanity to come together and do what they can to support our youth our future leaders in any and every way possible.
Thank you.
God, Allah, already blessed us as one in our universe, it’s up to us to stand together and bless one another. 
May we all become awareness that will lead us to awaken and live through the eyes of consciousness and Rediscover that we are one, We Are The Flower Of Life……... "

'' I am proud of your distinguished career. Greetings ''

"Peace Invaders would like to wish you all the success in your peace-building endevours in the future"

"Zakaria,Great work your are doing.Congratulations and keep up !"

"Congratulations on your work for peace"

"Congradulations in your efforts to plant peace as a great peacemaker. I admire your service and love for humanity."

“We need more young leaders like Zakaria!”