We are very proud of what we achieve at Youth for Peace-International but this is all the more rewarding when people make that extra bit of effort and take the time to write and tell us that we are getting it right.

"Your activities are of great importance for the better and peaceful future and greater understanding between the representatives of various cultures and religions.we wish you every success in your valuable actitivities"

"So glad to hear from you and to learn a bit about your activities there in Morocco.I am very supportive of your work and would like to encourage you in whatever ways we can at the Boniuk Center for Religious Tolerance.Very interested in your work and finding some ways in which we can work together."

"Tres Heureuse de constater votre interet de cree ce genre d association.c est le genre de chose qui contribue reellment a changer le monde dans lequelle nous vivons."

"Very Happy that we can start dialogue among us and with other persons. we are happy to be in touch and support your ideas and dreams"

"Zakaria ,You have a wonderful idea and should continueworking on your peace efforts...Your prayers for World Peace and understanding are very important.."

"Your idea is very interesting and our modern world in very much in need of mutual understanding and cultural tolerance to dissipate the prejudices and misunderstandings that unfortunatly governs our world.."

"We Salute you for creating dialogue opportunities,which can become powerful tools for bridging the distance between people and cultures."

"Congratulations on your Wisdom and effort!"

"I as the Artistic Director of the Festival will be more then Happy to colaborate with you or possibly in creating in the future a common project."

"It has been a wonderful experience bringing together young people each summer to learn about each other and recognize thier common humanity."

"we are with you in thoughts and spirit, and wish YPDC the best of success! Please keep us informed of your endeavors, as we all strive for peace in this world."

"We are so glad you share our passion for connecting the world through music, and we thank you for your support. We appreciate the invite to the 5th World Interfaith Harmony week Meeting and wish we could attend. We are currently busy with a number of productions and do not have anyone from our team stationed in or near Morrocco so we would not be able to make this happen. We wish you much success with your endeavor."

"I'm impressed with your testimonials page! I think that your endeavor to bring understanding of human rights and instill tolerance in the community is very needed. I wish that Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures has great success in pursuing that purpose."

"It will be a pleasure unite in pursuit of peace among peoples, fighting against Religious Discrimination and Overrun against s international minorities"

"I really appreciate the appealing and insightful activities of Zakaria El hamel President of Youth for Peace in Oujda that aim at promoting peace. I wish him all the best of luck."