We are very proud of what we achieve at Youth for Peace-International but this is all the more rewarding when people make that extra bit of effort and take the time to write and tell us that we are getting it right.

"let me command you for your organization and your actions. This is a wonderful initiative.."

"inspiring initiative..!

your efforts on behalf of building bridges, promoting civil society and furthering peace and human rights are to be highly commended. I wish you well with next month's event and success in your good work.


"Dialogue between cultures is very important for understanding one another and building peace"

"It is so important that we learn about each other’s cultures and religions so that we can grow from the experience instead of creating barriers between us."

"I am glad to hear about your work. Your intention is honorable"

"I honor you for the work that you are initiating. I notice that your name is the same as the name of a great prophet. I do not believe in accidents.

I believe God created a peaceful world. I believe that God has promised us peace. Peace will come, when we listen to that Voice within each one of us, which communes with God Itself. God is not impressed by our religion! Rather, true religion must be impressed by God! God Is! As long as people hold on to dogma and doctrine, instead of what God is making known, to any who will listen, we cannot have peace. When we listen to the Voice of God within each one of us, we cannot have wars!

You, Prophet [I pray!] Zakaria, may be called to help people do those things which help them to listen to the Voice of God and become the prophets of today. And, if they do not, then you may be called upon to be a singular voice, crying in the wilderness! GOD STILL SPEAKS! God speaks very personally to the one who listens; and God’s words are specifically for that person. God does not tell ME what YOU must do; God tells me what I can share with you to help you in your own listening, if you wish.

"I am so glad to hear from you and to learn a bit about your activities there in Morocco. I am very supportive of your work and would like to encourage you in whatever ways we can at the Boniuk Center for Religious Tolerance."

It is good to hear that you wish to build bridges of peace with young people from different religions and cultures. This is the only way forward to help create a more compassionate world.

"It is most interesting to hear of your project!"

"I would like to thank you for contacting us and to congratulate you on your commitment to crosscultural understanding and peace. The fact that you put that commitment into action is truly commendable.."

"Your project sounds very interesting and we would like to be in contact and exchange ideas however we cannot directly support your endeavours ..."

"Your project sounds very worthwhile, and I wish you good luck and success in your efforts."

"It is very honorable of you to begin such a group. The world is a brighter place because of your faith and kindness."

"It sounds very exciting what you all are trying to do..."

"We at The World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League (WABIL) would like to appreciate the nice idea of youth for peace and dialogue. WE hope that such nice idea can attract youth to act for peace and more understanding and dialogue which is very useful and needed in today's world."