We are very proud of what we achieve at Youth for Peace-International but this is all the more rewarding when people make that extra bit of effort and take the time to write and tell us that we are getting it right.

"we are always happy to reach out to others doing this important work. We would love to connect with you and exchange advice, ideas and support. I would love to hear more about your program which sounds fantastic and ask if there are specific ways in which we can help. What we have our youth have generated themselves."

"Looks like you are doing something good for the world."

" I am very supportive of this type of initiative... "

"It sounds like our missions align and I would like to explore the possibility of collaborating on your Religious Tolerance Caravan."

" My compliments to you on your successful initiative..! "

" Congratulations on your important work! "

" It is good to know of your initiative. Best of luck with your activities. Certainly we need a program like this that can introduce Arab and Western young people to each other. "

" What a great mission! "

" What a wonderful idea...! "

Robin Margolis is the Coordinator of the Half-Jewish Network, a rabbinical student at Rabbinical Seminary International, and currently lives "between" Washington, DC and New York City. Her views represent the Half-Jewish Network, not www.interfaithfamily.com

or her rabbinic program.

" Youth for peace and dialogue between cultures sounds really interesting! "

"Wonderful! I commend you in the work you are doing with young people today.
Good luck in your endeavor and keep up the great work!"

"Mabruk on your excellent initiatives. I would imagine that there would be plenty of room for collaboration between you and the Peres Peace Center and I am presuming to copy its director, Dr.Ron Pundak, on this reply.
I wish you every success."

"I would very much like to learn more about your organization. It sounds like our missions and goals are very similar."

"Congratulations on your important work!"

"Zakaria is an exceptional young man that I have had to honor of meeting and working with since 2010.
Zakaria El hamel is a Young Moroccan human rights and peace advocate. He is chairman and founderof Youth for Peace and Dialogue between Cultures, a non-profit organization which mission is to build a world where young people from different religions and backgrounds can come together to create understanding and respect by serving their communities. In 2010 he was appointed a United Religions Initiative Ambassador in the MENA region. The purpose of the United Religions Initiative is to promote enduring, daily interfaith cooperation, to end religiously motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice and healing for the Earth and all living beings. As a Peace and a Human rights Ambassador Zakaria El hamel organized an International Walk for Human Rights in celebration of The UN Human Rights Day. Zakaria El hamel is a journalist and a blogger. He is the director of the World Peace festival in Morocco and active in more than 50 countries around the world. Awards include the 2013 Arab Youth Excellence Award, Arab Youth Council Award, Africa Peace Award and nominated to World Interfaith Harmony week Prize While much more can be said about his work in coordination with organizations and group such as the International Criminal Court, Anna Lindh Forum, World Interfaith Harmony Week and more, He is Doing a great Job in Morocco!"