Anna Lindh Forum 2010 Barcelona, 4th to 7th of March 2010

The Anna Lindh Forum 2010 was a major civil society gathering for the promotion of intercultural action across the Mediterranean region organised by the Anna Lindh Foundation in partnership with the European Institute of the Mediterranean, Head of the ALF Spanish Network.

Taking place in Barcelona from the 4th to 7th of March 2010, the Forum aimed to give new momentum to the cooperation among civil society organisations committed to intercultural dialogue in the Union for the Mediterranean region and to enrich the activities of the forty-three National Networks of the Anna Lindh Foundation.

The gathering of around 500 representatives of civil society organisations as well as high-profile speakers from the political, cultural and economic field from the entire Union for the Mediterranean region also served as inspiration for the development of regional cooperation and as a tool to influence policy-making in the field of intercultural dialogue.

The Forum was supported by the European Commission, the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Barcelona City Council and the Diputació de Barcelona. The Spanish Ministry for Foreign Affairs collaborated and were actively involved in the Forum’s activities.

The Anna Lindh Forum, which was developed through a series of preparatory meetings with grass-root civil society organizations across the region, lead to the creation of permanent thematic conclusions which have support the Anna Lindh Foundation and its National Networks in the orientation of its future activities.