Zakaria El hamel seeks to inspire Youth to stand up, speak out for rights in turbulent Arabic world

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Zakaria El hamel seeks to inspire Youth to stand up, speak out for rights in turbulent Arabic world.

Zakaria El hamel is a human rights activist, journalist, and blogger, and the website managing editor of The Pacifist Journal, one of the most well-known newspapersfor Peace in Brazil and Morocco. As a human rights activist, Mr. Zakaria won “Pan-African Humanitarian Award: Young Achievers Award on Peace Advocacy.” for his exceptional contribution and persistent efforts to develop and promote the attainment of peace, integrity, democracy and good governance on the African continent.

This noble pace has set his institution apart as a role model for others to follow.

About Alaraby TV:
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The network aims to fulfil the Arab citizen's desire for content that engages them and capture the way they perceive themselves, their world and the future.
By being a platform for the Arab youth, Alaraby Television network aspires to be the voice of its viewers everywhere. Our channel will be the platform for the Arab Youths, their voices, their talent, and their energy in order to present a new type of media; a media that inspires.
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